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Danielle Charette is a Contemporary Narrative Folk Artist born in Pennsylvania, who resides and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in New York City. 


Her art is a highly metaphoric and symbolic form of modern story telling meant to convey her life experiences and evoke emotion in the viewer using her own authentic visual language. With her modern folk art styling and iconic imagery, she paints haunting narrative tales of love, life, death, the afterlife, dreams, heartache, heartbreak, loss, whimsy and punk rock, often with conceptual elements and humor. Repetitions of theme, elements, color and design create cohesion throughout her paintings with each piece telling a portion of a story until the story is complete.


Sub-culture as well as her French heritage and the Pennsylvania Dutch heavily influence her art work. It is an evolution of her love of love, iconic shapes, folk art, outsider art, dias los muertos, religious iconography, poetry, playing cards, symmetry, vintage deco and art nouveau design, fairy tales, old horror films, the sea, tattoos, gothic and punk rock music, clowns and cartoons.


Danielle Charette’s original oil paintings and art have been exhibited both nationally and internationally at a long list of galleries and museums and continues to sell to contemporary art collectors worldwide.

Danielle was also the Founder, Co-Owner and Gallery Director of Metropolis Collective and Trash Art Galley. She currently Owns and operates Cave Art Gallery in lovely Greenpoint, Brooklyn in New York City. Cave also houses her artist studio which is open for studio visits by appointment only.

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